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The core structure of Nuogou:The core members of Nuogou Stage Equipment Co., Ltd. have been engaged in stage structure design and on-site construction for more than ten years. During these years, we have always adhered to the principle of "safety first, reasonable combination of products" as the first element. In order to enable our customers to more reasonably choose various types of stage structure equipment such as lighting trusses and stages, we provide investment suggestions from multiple perspectives such as demand analysis, products, and solutions, Fully reflecting the "specialization", "refinement", and "refinement" in business and technical aspects. Quickly promote mutual trust and cooperation based on the effective transmission of value. In the important aspect of product quality, Nuogou people strictly purchase and configure raw materials according to design requirements. At the same time, the core aluminum alloy welding workers are all in the lighting truss industry for more than 8 years.The core values of Nuogou:Nuogou Stage Equipm...
Diversified Functions Meet All-round needs Of Enterprises
Official Quality Assurance
Focus on the integration of
lighting system engineering and
create a perfect industrial chain
1 to 1 Customer Service
Tailor-made solutions
to ensure that
every detail is foolproof
Excellent R&D Team
Have an experienced team
to provide more professional
and efficient services
Better After-sales Service
Have a strong after-sales team,
understand the needs of
customers at the first time

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